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Thinking of going to the biggest sporting event in America? The Super Bowl is an annual championship game hosted by the National Football League (NFL) whereby the teams compete to play the biggest and most watched game of the year. Fans from all over the world travel to witness the game in person while millions of other fans gather around their tvs to watch the game live. The game, the roaring crowd, and of course, the half time show, make seeing the big game a sight to behold.

Want a chance to have front row seats to the next Super Bowl game? We can get you ticket packages for the next game. Keep reading to learn more about the super bowl and how you can get the best tickets to front row seats in the next game.

When is the next Super Bowl?

The super bowl is always hosted on a Sunday in either January of February. The next Super bowl will be hosted on 12th February 2023 in the State Farm Stadium, which is located in Glendale, Arizona. This will be the third super bowl hosted by the State Farm Stadium since 2015. In the past, State Farm Stadium was known as University of Phoenix Stadium and it hosted the following Super Bowls:

The great news is that you still have enough time to save up and by the super bowl tickets if you are the kind of person that likes to plan early. Additionally, the Super Bowl LVII being held in Arizona could be an incredible opportunity for Arizona fans because the team that hosted the last two super bowls in their home stadium played in the Super Bowl.

Where was 2022's Super Bowl held?

The 2022 Super Bowl LVI took place on February 13th, earlier this year. The Super Bowl was hosted at SoFi Stadium, which is located in 1001 Stadium Dr, in Inglewood, California. SoFi Stadium is the home of the Rams and the Chargers, and is also the former home of the Lakers, the team that won six championships while playing in the Great Western Forum.

The normal seating capacity of SoFi stadium is 70,000 because the stadium seats on 3.1 million sq. ft., and has a campus that is larger than Disney Land by 3.5 times. Other California cities that have also hosted the big game in the past include:

  • Los Angeles
  • Palo Alto
  • Pasadena
  • San Diego
  • Santa Clara

The history of the Super Bowl

You're probably thinking, when are tickets on sale for the next game? And we will get to that. In the meantime, do you know how the first super bowl came to be? If you are planning to go watch the next Super Bowl game in person, you should understand it's history.

The National Football League was originally formed in the year 1920, but the Super Bowl was played for the first time 40 years later. There was a group of certain businessmen who wanted to invest in football franchises and own them in 1960, but the National Football League denied them. The businessmen then launched an alternative league called the American Football League.

Over the next couple of years, the National Football League and the American Football League were rivals, and the two leagues frequently competed for players, fans, and support, which led to the owners forming some negotiations in 1966. In 1970, an agreement was signed to merge the leagues.

The very first super bowl match was played on 15th January in 1967. The game featured the Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) and the Green Bay Packers (NFL). The first Super Bowl Game was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, until the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, came up with the term Super Bowl for the event.

Once the American Football League merged with the National Football League, the National Football League was then split into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The champions of the two conferences usually play in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl 1

During the first Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers (NFL) defeated the Kansas City Chiefs (AFL) 35-10. The game was held at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles and the ticket price at that time was about $12. Although Super Bowl I attracted about 61,000 fans, it is considered the lowest selling Super Bowl match ever.

Memorable Matchups

Some of the Super Bowl matches that have stood out over the years include the following:

Super Bowl XIII

The game was between the Pittsburgh Steelers (35) and the Dallas Cowboys (31). The super bowl was held on 21st January 1979. Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback of the Steelers threw 318 yards as well as 4 touchdowns.

Super Bowl XXIII

The match was between the San Francisco 49ers (20) and Cincinnati Bengals (16). The game was held on 22nd January 1989. Joe Montana carried the day by throwing the touchdown winning pass to fellow teammate John Taylor with only 34 seconds left, thereby capping a 92-yard drive 11 play.

Super Bowl XXV

The game was between the New York Giants (20) and the Buffalo Bills (19) and it was held on 27th January 1991. The Bills missed a field goal thereby giving the Giants their 2nd win at the Super Bowl in 5 years.

Super Bowl XXXIV

The match was between St. Louis Rams (23) and the Tennessee Titans (16) on 30th January 2000. This particular game stood out because the Rams defeated the Titans within a few seconds at the one-yard line.

Super Bowl XXXVI

This super bowl game was between the New England Patriots (20) and the St. Louis Rams (17) on 3rd February 2002. The Patriots were able to secure their victory right before the time expired.

Super Bowl XLII

The match was between the New York Giants (17) and the New England Patriots (14) on 3rd February 2008. Everyone thought the Patriots would once again win the match until the Giants stunned at the last minute and won the match.

Super Bowl XLIX

This match was between the New England Patriots (28) and the Seattle Sea Hawks (24). The game was held on 1st February 2015 and the Patriots were once again able to win the match when Malcolm Butler intercepted at the one-yard line. Only 28 seconds remained for the game to be over.

Super Bowl LI

This super bowl game was between the New England Patriots (34) and the Atlanta Falcons (28) on 5th February 2017. The Super Bowl LI game was epic because once again the Patriots carried the day by overcoming a 25-point deficit, thereby winning the 1st ever overtime game in the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl health and safety protocols to keep in mind when buying a ticket

If you want to watch the next Super Bowl game at the State Farm Stadium, you need to have super bowl tickets with you to be granted entry. Additionally, if you decide to bring your children to the Super Bowl game, you have to buy a ticket for them as well.


This year's Super Bowl had strict health and Safety protocols and guidelines that everyone had to follow. The 2022 Super Bowl health and safety protocols include:

  • All attendees aged 5 years and above must provide proof that they have been vaccinated against Covid 19. Alternatively, attendees can provide within 48 hours a negative PCR test or a negative rapid test 24 hours before the Super Bowl game begins.
  • All the tests provided must contain a name and date. At-home tests that lack both a name and date will not be accepted at the Super Bowl.
  • All attendees 18 years and above are required to verify themselves by providing a government issued ID.
  • Having a certification from a previous Covid 19 infection does not exempt one from providing a negative test or proof of vaccination.
  • Every attendee aged 2 years and above is required to wear a face mask in all areas within the stadium, except when eating or drinking. Vaccinated attendees are also required to wear a face mask.

Although the above health and safety protocols were for this year's Super Bowl, they give you an idea of what to expect during the next Super Bowl in 2023 in case the State Farm Stadium enforces strict health and safety protocols too.

When are super bowl tickets on sale?

Great news! The 2023 Super Bowl tickets are already on sale. If you desire to have the best seats with a perfect view of the game, this is the best time for you to make a move. The average cost of tickets in 2022 was between $4000 and $6000.


Naturally, Super Bowl tickets are expensive especially the closer it gets to the game. Luckily for you, you can buy affordable tickets for the 2023 Super Bowl game today and discover what it feels like to experience the biggest game of the year on location.

Super Bowl Ticket Locations 

Super Bowl LVI / 2022 Super Bowl 56 -  SoFi Stadium - Los Angeles, CA
Super Bowl LVII / 2023 Super Bowl 57 -  State Farm Stadium - Glendale, AZ
Super Bowl LVIII / 2024 Super Bowl 58 -  Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas, NV

Give us a call immediately for a super bowl tickets price quotation and get early tickets that come with front row seats, VIP photo ops, and private hospitability that will make your Super Bowl moment unforgettable.

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